FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit to Plantation Shutters? Shutters offer beauty and value to a home. They are considered furniture for your windows and can help to increase a home's value.

Is remote control available for window treatments?
Yes. Remote control is an option for many window treatments and is recommended for windows that are double stacked. You can choose between Infra red and radio frequency.

What are your payment options?
Cash, check, money order or Paypal. 50% down with balance due upon installation.

What is the warranty on my window treatments?
There is a Limited Lifetime warranty on window treatments and a packet comes with each order outlining the parameters of the warranty.

What is the most energy efficient window treatment?
Honeycombs, also known as cellular shades, offer the highest R-value for your windows. Room darkening honeycombs offer up to an R-value of 4.4.

Which of these blinds options is heavier, 2" Wood blinds or 2" Faux wood blinds?
Faux woods are denser than real wood and actually weigh more. The size limit for most Faux wood blinds on a single head rail is about 18" smaller than a real wood blind.

How do you typically clean a blind or shade?
Feather duster or vacuming with a bristle attachment on low suction. For window treatments such as Roman Shades or Honeycombs blotting with a mild detergent is also acceptable. For sheers a dry cleaner that offers Ultra sonic cleaning is also an option.

What is the lead time for blinds?
Typically 2-3 weeks, provided no parts are on manufacturer back order.

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